Mountain Breeze Preschool COVID-19 Policies

Please know that we are a five star licenced preschool and we follow directions and guidance from North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services: Division of Child Development and Early Education. We have regular contact with the local health department as well as the WNC health nurse for daycare centers and preschools as well as our licensing director. The guidelines change as we find out more information, so we will adjust our policies as needed. The guidelines that we follow are here

When to keep your child at home, illness, quarantine, and returning to school:

Please do not bring your child to school if they are sick.

You can NOT bring your child to school if, your child is experiencing or has experienced in the last 24 hours:

Fever (temperature 99.5 or above)


Shortness of breathing/difficulty breathing

New cough

New loss of taste or smell

Sore throat



New onset of severe headache, especially with a fever

*please do not give your child fever reducing medicine before school

*If your child is out sick, please let us know why.

1. If your child has any of the above symptoms they can NOT return to school unless they have a negative COVID-19 test OR they stay home for five days, once they return they must wear a mask for an additional five days. We must follow these guidelines as a licensed facility. We realize that children may have fevers and coughs that are not COVID-19, but we still need to take precautions. Testing is quick, easy, and many times we can offer free at home covid tests.

2. If a child or a teacher at Mountain Breeze School tests positive for COVID-19, the child or teacher will stay home for five days since the onset or symptoms or the positive test. The onset of symptoms is considered day zero. If their symptoms have improved, they may return on day six (after five days of isolation), then wear a mask for and additional five days. 

3. If your child has been exposed to COVID-19, they are able to attend school if they are not showing symptoms and they have tested negative for covid. We do ask if the child attends school, they are able to isolate from the the person who has an active case of covid, so they do not have continued exposure. 

I know this can be difficult, but please remember that all the teachers at Mountain Breeze School are increasing their risk by being here, and we all want to stay healthy for ourselves and our families. At the same time have fun , we also want to keep your families safe too. Please know when you send your child to preschool, there will always be a risk of sickness because even with caution and cleaning there is always exposure to germs.